Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Some said it couldn't happen! Others said it wouldn't! But, like a famous wrestler once said "FINALLY...MALLVILE HAS COME BACK....TO INKBOT.NET! 

Okay, maybe Dwanyne "The Rock" Johnson didn't quite say that. But, i'm sure he would have had he been a fan of web comics. I also think he would've been excited to know that not only is Mallville coming back on Monday December 5th, 2011 (see what I did there), but it is also coming back with a brand new story line AND a brand new artist! 

That's right! This Monday not only is Gary Cohen pressing the reset button on his mallverse continuity, but he is also bringing in the uber talented Mike Shea to handle the art! 

In case you had to develop a rare form of amnesia to cope with the loss of one of the funniest web comics of all time (yeah, I said it), Mallville is a hilarious super hero high school strip written by Gary Cohen. It is also the strip responsible for this year's incredibly epic crossover CRISIS ON INFINITE INKBOTS!

So, if you're at work on Monday, and you find yourself with a case of the Mondays, make sure you check out the new and improved MALLVILLE RULES! 

Pay no attention to the fact that the title banner is the same. ITS BRAND FREAKING NEW BABY...I swear :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A walk in the park (piece)

I know English today

I never liked soccer

I have many friends

Don't beat on my pillow

I now like to talk

I'm not scared, I'm smiling

I just like to walk

Don't beat on my pillow

My eyes will not shut

My mom can't stop crying

I told her we're playing

I'm not really dying

Those kids do not hate me

I play Call of Duty

I listen to Hip Hop

I shop at the mall

I'm always in love

So when fists were flying

I thought of that girl

Like somehow she watched

Like if I pulled through

We'd go to the movies

And she'd help me through

This hell for the different

This hell for the distant

the laughter

the violence

its just who they are

don't know why they hate me

we made it this far

it just can't escape me

I hate them
I love them
I just want to walk!

Why couldn't they let me

There's blood on my pillow